Yum cheap eats

Some of my friends urged me to start blogging about  food recommendations in the bay area. I call these Yum Cheap Eats ranging from ‘hole in the wall’ types to restaurants under $20  that are super rich in character but easy on the bill. Here is a list of these  bay area gems.

The Nondescript Food Alley of Saratoga!

Located on Payne and San Thomas expressway this tiny strip mall has four  restaurants serving mouth watering  cuisines from asia and Africa. Japanese Dan, much frequented Ethiopian Zeni,  Kyusu that represents an upcoming craze for Burmese food, and Korean Yummy Tofu and BBQ ( a dull name that goes with the dull strip mall look) but incredible tofu claypot and kalbi beef. Kyusu saves you a 50 mile drive to Burma Superstar and serves just as good Burmese food. You can never get tired of their Tea Leaf Salad and Coconut Noodle Soup. Zeni gained so much popularity a few years ago that it is impossible to get seated during rush hours nowadays. I regret giving it five stars many years ago when it was less known – I was the third reviewer 🙂 It is one of the best Ethiopian food places in the bay area and has family run staff. Dan serves one of the best quick lunch menus to sate your Sashimi craving.

Scrumptious Tea Leaf Salad

Coming up…

Korean craze in Japan Town

Go bananas with a spicy Falafel Sandwich

Rose flavored Persian Icecream

Cheapest yum Persian Kebabs

Grilled chicken hearts with super cold Sapporo anyone?!

Cheesesteak burger outdoors

Slice of New York in an automall?

Salmon Burgers

Yeah man! This is real Jerk chicken

Bread Pudding that transports you to NOLA

Truck Tacos in Alviso 

Steamy crumbly Idlis  from curry heaven

Juiciest Tandoori Chicken and succulent goat curry

Cupcakes that survived the cupcake.boom






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